February 2016

Feeling Blue?

Just because the weather is drab and dreary outside doesn’t mean your working space needs to follow suit. Longstanding clients Beiersdorf, owners of the UK’s favourite skincare brand, Nivea, called us in to brighten up their Birmingham HQ. With specialist services such as bespoke wallpaper printing and large format graphics, we soon had each department branded in signature midnight blue and looking professional, sleek and positive.

Tricky spaces? Not a problem! We’ve worked our magic on cupboards and columns to punctuate space and create clearly defined departmental areas. Branded whiteboards are also helping increase efficiency with each team specifying their own design requirements and sizes. Overall, a few simple changes have created a great deal of impact with the office space now feeling distinct and engaging.

Yes folks, Spring is definitely in the air….front

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Sit! Paw! Good Boy….

As a design and marketing team we count ourselves as very lucky given the diversity of brands and product types that we get to work with. From Education to Finance, Beauty to Pharmaceuticals, big business to sole traders, we love the fact that no two days are ever the same.

Over time, we’ve become very adept at shaping and enhancing brand personalities so it’s always a joy when a client approaches us with a brief to develop a really bold brand persona. Enter Born to Bark; a brand new natural dog grooming product range aimed at dogs (and owners) with personality. With only the name agreed but a clear vision of what the client wanted to achieve, we set about bringing elements of their concept to life.

Embodying a very British approach to dog ownership, we knew that the brand would resonate with owners who considered their pups to be one of their family. Loveable, smelly, a bit naughty but loyal through and through characterises the Born to Bark dog, who typically remains the subject of family adoration in spite of a love of ransacking the bin or rolling in something unpleasant.

Drawing on these traits, we used humour as means of engaging with our target audience with language that was friendly and conversational. Each of the core products, which includes shampoos and grooming sprays, was assigned a dog character to represent individual attributes. The comical hand-drawn style cartoons have been designed to appear as though dog owners had drawn their own picture of their four legged friend.

This coupled with bright, eye-catching colours for labels and practical, leak resistant and storage friendly bottles, helps cement the brand position as fun but reliable. A Facebook campaign to create awareness prior to launch was also designed and managed by the team, together with development of an e-commerce site allowing products to be bought directly by consumers.

Born to Bark products will shortly be available to buy online and in selected stores from Spring. In the meantime please visit Facebook/BorntoBark

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Quack! Quack! Green Duck coming through….

Well, if it’s one thing we love at Think Creative Studio, it’s a client with its own microbrewery! Real ale brewers, Green Duck Beer Co, approached us to develop their main brand and product brands, which have been rolled out across signage, corporate literature and POS, with a digital presence shortly to follow.

Producing a wide variety of beers including monthly feature ales and core stouts, bitters and pale ales, Green Duck is developing a loyal following from its base in Stourbridge, West Midlands.

As the popularity of real ale has made a resurgence in recent years, so the microbrewery industry has grown, with countless specialist beers now being produced across the UK. Our design brief was to develop a distinctive, quintessentially British brand with a hint of fun and plenty of potential for innovative promotion.

Now trading from its own premises in Stourbridge, the brand is becoming synonymous with variety, quality and themed events aimed at educating punters and celebrating real ale in all its forms.

For all branding enquiries including design, positioning and strategic direction, contact studio@thinkcreative.co.uk

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Brand New Website!

Welcome to the brand spanking new Think Creative website! 2015 was such a busy year with so many new and interesting clients, that we decided it was time to tell the latest story of our business and re-engage with clients old and new.

As hectic as it can be in the Studio when everyone is working flat out, we knew we had to take our own advice and commit to revaluating where our brand had got to and what we wanted to achieve from our communication strategy for 2016.  Yes, even the experts need prompting sometimes!

It’s really easy to get wrapped up in the day to day running of your business and take your eye off the ball in terms of where you’re headed. Often, clients will come to us with a new project and realise that they haven’t told their own customers about developments within in the company, or ensured that they really understand them. A good, objective look at your brand every couple of years to ensure that it resonates with your target audience and represents your company’s ambitions is an essential part of your marketing strategy. Don’t be scared! A lot of the time, it’s a case of tweaking and refining what is there, not dramatically restructuring every facet.

It’s one of our favourite parts of the Think Creative business and our team have lots of experience in making brands sing again.

So put the kettle on, (Custard Cream? Oh go on then) make yourself comfortable and have a nose around. Drop us a line with any feedback as we’d love to know what you think.


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