Sit! Paw! Good Boy….

As a design and marketing team we count ourselves as very lucky given the diversity of brands and product types that we get to work with. From Education to Finance, Beauty to Pharmaceuticals, big business to sole traders, we love the fact that no two days are ever the same.

Over time, we’ve become very adept at shaping and enhancing brand personalities so it’s always a joy when a client approaches us with a brief to develop a really bold brand persona. Enter Born to Bark; a brand new natural dog grooming product range aimed at dogs (and owners) with personality. With only the name agreed but a clear vision of what the client wanted to achieve, we set about bringing elements of their concept to life.

Embodying a very British approach to dog ownership, we knew that the brand would resonate with owners who considered their pups to be one of their family. Loveable, smelly, a bit naughty but loyal through and through characterises the Born to Bark dog, who typically remains the subject of family adoration in spite of a love of ransacking the bin or rolling in something unpleasant.

Drawing on these traits, we used humour as means of engaging with our target audience with language that was friendly and conversational. Each of the core products, which includes shampoos and grooming sprays, was assigned a dog character to represent individual attributes. The comical hand-drawn style cartoons have been designed to appear as though dog owners had drawn their own picture of their four legged friend.

This coupled with bright, eye-catching colours for labels and practical, leak resistant and storage friendly bottles, helps cement the brand position as fun but reliable. A Facebook campaign to create awareness prior to launch was also designed and managed by the team, together with development of an e-commerce site allowing products to be bought directly by consumers.

Born to Bark products will shortly be available to buy online and in selected stores from Spring. In the meantime please visit Facebook/BorntoBark

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