Well hello SEO . . .

SEO. Its the thing every one is talking about. Its what all business should be doing. Its allegedly the magic key to everything. Its…its….its…er.. what is it exactly?
If SEO leaves you feeling a little like this; that you’re the last one to the party, that its something your company should be doing but you’re not sure why, then you’re not alone. SEO or Search Engine Optimisation to use its full name, is simply the name given to the process of increasing your website’s visibility when someone searches on the internet via a search engine, such as Google.

Good SEO means that your website can be easily found and can be part of the solution that helps you appear ahead of your competitors in internet searches. Bad SEO means that you could have the most amazing product and incredible website, but very few people actually know about it.

Most businesses will certainly benefit from SEO, but how you approach your campaign is critical to its success. As with most marketing, integration is the key and SEO should form part of a multi stranded approach and not be treated as a standalone component. Be wary of the cold caller who tells you that they can get your business to be the first listing on page one of a Google search! There are no magic wands and good SEO takes time and planning to get right. You may well achieve number one ranking in time, but this won’t happen overnight.

If you’d like to have a chat about how SEO could form part of your strategy, or would like a review of your current programme, then give us a call. The kettle is on and who knows, we may even break out the Hobnobs.

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